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5 Arrangements to Make Before Bringing a Cat to a Cockapoo Home

Cockapoo parents are aware of how friendly their cockapoos can be if they are properly socialized from a young age. But your precious pup might be getting lonely when you leave the house without them. Getting home a companion can be beneficial for your dog’s mental health. If you are not ready to take the […]


If you are the owner of a new cockapoo puppy, or even rescued an adult cockapoo, you most likely are thinking about the important vaccinations that you will be prompted to get by your veterinarian. There are several vaccines for dogs available, some are more important than others, depending on local laws and the area […]

How To Deal With Fleas On Dogs Once And For All?

Do you want to treat your dog from fleas for the last time? If so, you can check out the following tips on how to treat your dog and your home.  Later, infestation prevention tips will also be shared to prevent the same problem from coming back. Treat your dog The very first step to […]

Top 7 Facts about Cockapoos That Will Shock You

Affectionate, friendly and happy, cockapoos are one of the most adorable designer dogs (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle) to meet at the clinic of a holistic veterinary doctor. They even sometimes assist other animals when you take them to a veterinary hospital. But besides being scruffy-coated and bright-eyed, as we know, cockapoos are as interesting as […]


As a continuation of our articles about health issues that can affect your cockapoo, we decided to look into the large and complex subject of canine heart disease a bit deeper. We have had questions from some of our followers about heart disease in their dog and what they should know to catch any heart […]


Do you speak “dog”? Imagine that you decided to adopt a deaf dog. Or maybe you have a deaf friend or family member, who you have learned to communicate with in other ways. How would you go about communicating with your dog if you or the dog were deaf? Dogs can’t do sign language, of […]

Immune Mediated Thrombocytapenia (IMT)

The sun has risen and the morning coffee poured and now I do my daily check on Honey Bun’s belly to check for bruising. I give her tummy a pet and see the ever so familiar purplish bruising marks on her belly. I think to myself, “I must be seeing things” as I place my […]


Zelman was born to a Poodle father and a Cocker Spaniel mother on Thursday November 10, 2005. I first met this adorable bundle of love on Wednesday December 23, 2005 and he became all mine on Wednesday, January 4, 2006. Zellie was into absolutely EVERYTHING!! With the exception of being an incredibly overactive puppy, he […]


On May Day 2000 a Cockapoo was born, Little to my surprise she would eventually honk my horn. June 30th we lost little red with a kind and gentle soul, The loss of our brother Jeff left our hearts with a hole. On the 4th anniversary of the loss of this soul, A little red […]

Rescue This Cockapoo: Evie

Location: New Jersey, USA Live in the New Jersey area and have room in your hearts and homes for another cockapoo? The picture to the left of this text is Evie, a loving cockapoo located in New Jersey, whose owner has come to face the difficult decision of letting her go to a new home. […]