Top 7 Facts about Cockapoos That Will Shock You

Affectionate, friendly and happy, cockapoos are one of the most adorable designer dogs (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle) to meet at the clinic of a holistic veterinary doctor. They even sometimes assist other animals when you take them to a veterinary hospital.

But besides being scruffy-coated and bright-eyed, as we know, cockapoos are as interesting as other dog breeds.  It is why we’ve come up with this list of the most shocking facts you’ve probably not heard about these cute dogs.

Cockapoos Shocking Facts

The Cockapoo is a designer dog that was introduced in the 1960s. It’s easy to train, forgiving and affectionate, and he won’t make you feel alone, ever! To discuss these points further, let’s highlight the surprising facts about him.

They’re Hypoallergenic

Cockapoos won’t harm even the most sensitive people, both adults and children, because they’re hypoallergenic.

But there is an exemption to every rule. Different things can cause allergic reactions for some people, so having a non- or low-moulting dog isn’t a foolproof guarantee that he won’t cause you allergies. For one, some folks are allergic to the fur while others to the saliva.

To figure out yours, you might want to spend some time with one before taking him or her home.

They’re Clever

The Cockapoodles, one of their other names, are an intelligent breed. You can easily train them with positive reinforcement.

Cleverness does not mean just high mental capacity but also superb emotional intelligence. Did you know that Cockapoos can be used as therapy dogs?

They’re trained to provide comfort and affection to patients in hospitals and people in nursing homes, disaster areas, retirement homes and other institutions.

The designer dog is also friendly and sociable to other animals, such as cats and dogs noticeable when taking them to a vet clinic. So do not need to think of what collar to keep your dog in all the time.

They accept everyone – children, adults and other pets.  They have a positive view at life and it shows. They can make every day feel as if a celebration.  Simply put, they have that zest in life – no matter what it brings them.


Cockapoos come also in many colors – they are one of the seldon dogs which come in variety of colors – red, golden, brown, black or a mix of these shades. So you can choose the color you prefer!

Variety of Sizes

They are of an easy size, being big enough to walk around with bigger dogs or small enough for you to cuddle. These designer dogs weigh at most 30 pounds.

However, they also come in a wide range of sizes based on the genes that their parents passed on to them.  Choose one based on your preference in size. If giving to a kid, then you might want to opt for a small one.

Always Full of Energy

While they have a moderate activity level, they are full of energy. In fact, they can adapt to your kind of lifestyle. They also need playtime and walk every day. These dogs are also athletic enough to join fly ball, rally and other dog sports and activities.

Hope you learned something from these shocking facts about cockapoos you probably might not knew about before.   Which among these cockapoo facts do you like best? Do you happen to own one and like to share a bit of his story? Tell us in the comment section.

Very Friendly With Children and Other Animals

Cockapoos will always try to cheer you up even in your darkest hours because these happy dogs are affectionate and won’t leave you behind. You might even want to close the bathroom door sometimes.

These dogs also love meeting new people and pets and love being petted and cared for.

They won’t also chase cats because they’re friends with other animals and pets.

As said earlier, they’re also used as therapy dogs, which can supply companionship and comfort to the people in depressed areas or medical institutions. Also, the deaf use them as hearing dogs, but it requires much training.

Overall, the cockapoo is like cocker spaniels, which are friendly and inquisitive. But you should train him well to stop jumping at every person to who you introduced him.

They Don’t Smell

Interestingly, cockapoos do not smell. They don’t leave that dog odor in and around your home or even on your furniture. To keep it this way, make sure that you groom your pet – have his coat trimmed and his tail left plumy and long, for instance.

Also, they need proper and regular brushing and baths in between appointments with a professional groomer.


If you are the owner of a new cockapoo puppy, or even rescued an adult cockapoo, you most likely are thinking about the important vaccinations that you will be prompted to get by your veterinarian. There are several vaccines for dogs available, some are more important than others, depending on local laws and the area that you live with your cockapoo.

There are four core vaccines that are given in dogs. These are distemper, rabies, canine parvovirus, and canine hepatitis. The majority of the core shots should be given between 7 and 8 weeks, or even as young as 6 weeks, if suggested by your vet. Although new pet owners may have apprehension about vaccinating their cockapoo, these shots are very important for your puppy’s health.

Young dogs are very susceptible to disease, and if you are the proud owner of a new adopted cockapoo, you may also want to have a checkup and blood work done, which can sometimes tell you of past vaccinations. If you are unsure, your veterinarian may suggest a booster for the most important vaccines. The secondary vaccines that are available are bordetella, giardia, bronchiseptica, lyme disease, coronavirus and leptospirosis. Your vet would assess whether these are needed and help you make an informed decision regarding them.

Once you have gotten the vaccines necessary for your cockapoo, you will want to watch for side effects. Your pet’s veterinarian may tell you, or actually give you, a list of side effects, but just in case, we want to let all you cockapoo owners know some of them here. There are some fairly common side effects, and some that are out of the ordinary.

Common side effects can include: sleepiness, little to no appetite, grumpiness, shaking, and even a fever. Sometimes there will be a hard lump at the site of the injection. It may not cause your dog any pain, or it could be painful or sensitive to touch. This is fairly common and should go down within a few days. Let your vet know about it, and if it doesn’t go down after two or more weeks, you may want to see the vet again to be sure there is no issue. There may also be discharge from your cockapoos eyes or nose and they may sneeze. These are all common and unlikely to mean there is anything wrong.

Often, most pets will experience tiredness or lethargy within the first 24 hours of vaccinating. You may see mild to severe shaking, likely due to fever. You can hold them in your lap or put your cockapoo in a warm bed, wrapped up so she can rest, and she should feel better within 24 to 48 hours. You will want to keep your vet updated of any changes, of course. Especially the ones below, which are less common.

Less common side effects can include: facial swelling or hives, diarrhea, collapsing, seizures, vomiting, difficulty breathing or anaphylaxis. These are symptoms of an allergic reaction to the vaccine and you will want to call your cockapoo’s veterinarian immediately. They can assess the severity and what needs to be done, either over the phone or in their office. If you know mild allergic reactions are common on your cockapoo, you can give a small dose of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) from the doggy first aid kit you have built, with vet approval, before you bring them in for vaccines or boosters.

The most important thing with any health care with your dog is keep an eye out for eating, behavior, and potty changes. These are the things that will be the most noticeable to you and you can talk to your vet about anything you might feel is wrong.

Although many side effects are quite common and will go away on their own, we recommend that you always err on the side of caution! A phone call is free, keeps your veterinarian in the loop, and can bring you peace of mind.