5 Arrangements to Make Before Bringing a Cat to a Cockapoo Home

Cockapoo parents are aware of how friendly their cockapoos can be if they are properly socialized from a young age. But your precious pup might be getting lonely when you leave the house without them. Getting home a companion can be beneficial for your dog’s mental health. If you are not ready to take the responsibility of bringing home another dog, you can choose to get a smaller animal.

A cat is a pet that requires very little maintenance. You can buy necessary products like cat food and vet-prescribed cat medicine online. Before you do get a cat as your dog’s companion, there are some arrangements you need to make-

Provide Personal Space

Though you might be bringing home a cat to be your dog’s companion, you need to understand that cats are different from dogs. While a cockapoo would love to spend all day snuggling with your cat, your cat needs space. You need to buy a cat tree to help your cat stay out of your Cockapoo’s reach. The separation that you create between your cat and dog will ensure that your cockapoo learns how to behave around a cat.

Learn How to Groom

Grooming your cockapoo might be a regular battle. But cats do not need much grooming attention. Grooming a cat involves rare baths but many nail cuts. If you get a long-coated cat, you might have to tend to their fuzz more frequently. Some vet-prescribed cat medicine online might be purchased to prevent ticks and fleas. Cats that go outdoors need to get treated for parasites using vet-prescribed pet meds.

Fix a Vet

You might be aware of the pet meds that your dog needs but your cat’s physiology is a whole different ball game. Some of the meds your dog takes might be fine for your cat, while others can cause severe reactions. The vet you take your cockapoo to might not be great with cats. Look for a vet who can treat both your dog and cat. With the help of your vet, you can buy vet-prescribed cat medicine online that you can administer to keep your cat healthy.

Know the Vaccination Schedule

You might be buying vet-prescribed cat medicine online, but you need to visit your vet to get your cat vaccinated frequently. Both cats and dogs need to get their routine shots. But the shots your cat and your dog need to get are separate. Talk to your vet to help gain a better understanding of the difference between your dog’s vaccine schedule and your cat’s vaccine schedule.

Keep Litter Out of Reach

Cockapoos are mischievous and curious dogs. Your cat’s litter box might be misinterpreted as a sandbox. The stakes might be higher than a clean-up chore if you are buying vet-prescribed cat medicine online to treat worms. Any worm that your cat passes out in their stool might end up entering your dog’s body if they come in contact. Place your kitty litter on an elevated surface which your dog will not be able to reach to avoid a worm epidemic.

Some simple precautions and arrangements can make your cat and cockapoo family a complete and happy one.

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