Cockapoo puppies

Searching for your next best friend? Although we highly recommend adopting one of the many dogs in need of rescue at shelters all over the world, many potential dog owners eventually come to the decision that they want a cockapoo puppy.

To facilitate your search, we’ve put together a listing of cockapoo breeders. We are still gathering breeders who want to appear here at this point, but hope to make this an exhaustive listing someday soon. Clicking a breeder will take you to their website, where you can view their puppies, read up on their policies, and learn more about them.

Description: Stew’s Poos is a small family breeder located in Lake Isabella, CA. Owner Pam is a knowledgeable breeder and has completed her Veterinary Technology classes at Bakersfield College.

USA, INDIANA: DD Cockers and Goldens
Description: DD Cocker Spaniels & Golden Retrievers is a small breeder of cocker spaniels, cockapoos, mini golden-doodles, and golden retrievers.

USA, INDIANA: MoonShine Babies
Description: MoonShine Babies is a small first generation and F1B cockapoo breeder run by a pet care tech and groomer with 17 years of experience.

USA, MISSOURI: Jordan Family Kennels
Description: Jordan Family kennels is a small breeder focused on producing quality puppies in four breeds, including cockapoos.

USA, WISCONSIN: Cockapoo of Excellence
Description: Cockapoo of Excellence has been breeding cockapoos in Wisconsin since 1997.

USA, WISCONSIN: Cute Cockapoos
Description: Cute Cockapoos is a small family breeder raising first generation cockapoo puppies in Iola, Wisconsin.


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