Our Friends

It’s important to have good friends!

Here is a listing of dog-related websites we feel are worth visiting and supporting.

What About Dogs: Our second site, full of fun facts about dogs, the bios of famous dogs, and the amazing history of man’s best friend.

Cockapoo PlaceAnother great Cockapoo site, with regular updates and friendly people.

Snooty Giggles: A great dog rescue group located in Tennessee.

Dog Tipper: A great general site for dog owners, with news, articles, and a blog directory.

Abfabcockapoo: A great blog by Victoria (Turi for short), a Cockapoo owner from London.

Claps of Thunder: The blog of a happy Cockapoo named Thunder.

Puppies Pearls & Problems: A blog by Samantha, the proud owner of Charley the Cockapoo.

Ginger, Our New Dog: Essays on the cockapoo Ginger, and other musings on life.