The cockapoo has been around for a pretty long time. The hybrid dog is great due to its low shedding and nearly hypoallergenic fur. They are smart, fun, and loving dogs, and make a wonderful pet with good training and care. This makes a great case for anyone to own a cockapoo, and it should be no surprise that several celebrities are known to be among the cockapoo loving masses! We wanted to bring to light a few stories of famous folks who own cockapoos, just for the fun of it. So, here we go.

Ashley Judd is among the most recognized and vocal of cockapoo owners and lovers, and we recently followed a charitable cause she became part of here on Cockapoo Crazy. She had heard about an abandoned pooch named Walter, and she gave quite a lot of her time and money to try and help nurse him to health. Unfortunately, Walter the cockapoo crossed over the rainbow bridge. Ashley Judd owns a couple cockapoos of her own, so her love of the dog is no surprise. At this time, she has two, named Shug and Buttermilk. She has been seen on the red carpet, and on the sets of her films, with one or both of her cockapoos, on many different occasions. She loves her pups so much she’s been know to take baths with them!

Next up, Jennifer Aniston. This story seems to have been a well-traveled rumor. Jennifer Aniston was seen at a pet shelter in 2010 looking at a cockapoo that needed rescuing. It was thought by many that she adopted one, but her rep told sources later that it was just a rumor. Oh well, her loss.

Now we have Billie Joe Armstrong, from the group Green Day. A YouTube video was posted of he and his cockapoo, Rocky, singing a song together. The video is very cute, and Rocky does his best to sing his little heart out. Billie Joe has taught him well!

Another singer who owns a cockapoo is Lady Gaga. Her cockapoo’s name is Fozzi, and at one time she had her hair dyed the same color as her furry friend. Whether this was intentional or not, she and her cockapoo were perfectly matching for a while. She brings Fozzi everywhere with her, and he is very devoted to her.

Added to the list, we have a reality TV star from the show, “Jersey Shore.” Sammi Sweetheart Giancola adopted her cockapoo Kylie in 2011. She has tweeted pictures of herself with Kylie and calls her the love of her life. She decided to adopt her furry friend after losing her former dog in 2010.

Television actor, Jensen Ackles, from the show “Supernatural“, and wife Daneel Harris Ackles, also have a cockapoo. His name is Icarus. They seem to have had him since around 2007, and he is about 15 pounds. He’s tough and he loves his owners very much. He travels with Daneel often, back and forth between Vancouver and L.A. He is one of four dogs they own, and he is the smallest, but can hold his own when it comes to playtime!

Other celebs that have been seen tweeting or posting about their cockapoos are Lena Dunham, Minka Kelly, Julie Anne Rhodes, Maria Shriver, Lindsay Ellington, best-selling author Lynda La Plante, and Mary Anne Rajskub (from the TV show “24“). There are surely more that we don’t know about, and have missed here (if you’re one of them drop us a line, so we can include you) due to some celebrities being more secretive about their home lives and pets.

We always knew our cockapoos were great and now we know we have some famous company in our love for these furry, fun loving friends. One last fun fact from the UK. A cockapoo named Alfie was named Britains Happiest Dog in 2011 after winning a contest, making him a celebrity in his own right! Alfie beat out 75 other dogs for his face that always looks like he has a smile on it, and his tail that wags furiously 24/7!