What kind of trips are you planning with your cockapoo this summer? Here are some ideas to help your pooch have fun in the sun his favorite way: with you!

The days are long and it is the time of year when all you want to do with your family is get away from the grind. If you’re like most other families with dogs, you may be thinking about taking your dog along on vacation. But where to go, what to do? You can’t just go to Disney World and strap Fido to that coaster (although they do have very nice and safe kennels on site.) So we at Cockapoo Crazy wanted to give you a few ideas for vacations with the pooch.

Take a camping trip. Many campgrounds and state parks have a dog inclusion policy and you know your dog loves the outdoors. Make sure that you keep him under control at all times when camping, you don’t want him chasing something off into the woods. Keep your dog a safe distance from the fire-pit, when its burning. He probably hasn’t had much experience with fire. Also, its not a good idea to leave your dog at the campsite unless you travel in a camper. Most campgrounds have a strict policy that dogs cannot be left unattended. Plan ahead and if you need to, find a doggie daycare nearby that you can use when needed.

Go to the mountains. There are mountains and trails all over this great world that your dog would love to explore with you. If you are taking a hike, try to find out what the terrain will be like, to plan for possible footwear for your pup. I know it sounds silly, but dogs have soft pads on their feet and if they are going to be walking long distances or hiking a rough terrain, you will want to check out some foot gear. You can also get a dog backpack, that he wears and can carry his own food, treats and a couple toys. You can find many pet friendly lodges and cabins to rent in the mountain areas.

Take a trip to the beach. Although not all beaches are pet friendly, in most American states and many other countries, there are lakes and sometimes even ocean beaches that have a dog beach for you and your furry friend. Your dog will love splashing and running in the water. Make sure you hose off or bath your dog at the end of the day. Try not to let him drink the water, whether its salt or freshwater. There is a lot of bacteria that you can’t see, and you don’t know how it could effect your dog. Please remember to try to get your dog to do his business away from the water, so as not to spoil it for the rest of people.

Go to a farmers market or flea market. There are many summer flea markets and farmers markets that allow dogs to roam around with their owners. They may even have booths selling products that your cockapoo will enjoy. Try to find out the policy before you plan a day out like this though. Some markets may want you to have your dog in a carrier of some type, to guarantee that they won’t get away from you and get into any products.

Last, but not least, you can take a trip to a dog friendly hotel and just kick back and relax. Many hotel chains, from budget to luxury, have adopted the dogs are welcome here mantra. You can find Motel 6 all over the US, and they take dogs in every one. When staying in a hotel, you can often go out for awhile and leave your dog alone. Be sure if he is the destructive type, that you crate your dog or put him in the bathroom. It’s not a good idea to tie him up, as he may wrap his leash around something and choke himself.

When staying in a new city, a great idea would be to walk your pup in a nearby park or find out if there are any alfresco dining choices in the area that will allow you to let your dog sit under the table. If you do this, always respect other diners and keep your dog under control. Key West, Florida is very dog friendly and you can bring him along to dine, swim on dog beach and even go on a kayak trip. Other very dog friendly states in the US are California, Massachusetts (Boston and Cape Cod), Maine, and Colorado.

As you know, your dog wouldnt care if you took him two streets over for a day out, so long as he’s with you! Whatever you decide to do, keep yourself and your cockapoo safe and enjoy the summer!