We do a lot of polls on our Facebook page, and many of you are kind enough to participate in them. We thought it was time to share the results of just a few of those polls, and what we think they say about cockapoos and their owners. We have rounded down all the results for the sake of simplicity.

The Cockapoo Trait Poll

On June 20th, we asked you what single word (out of six choices) most describes your cockapoo. We received 108 responses. Here are the results:

  • A full 70% (76 votes) picked the word¬†FRIENDLY.
  • 16% of owners picked the word CRAZY. That includes us. =)
  • 8% picked the word GENTLE.
  • 3% chose SHY.
  • Less than 1% (1 vote) picked the word HYPERACTIVE.
  • Nobody picked the word LAZY.
What have we learned from the poll? Well, cockapoos owners surely see their dogs as a friendly bunch overall. Certainly they are generally cheerful and outgoing, and sometimes a little crazy. Relatively few chose gentle or shy, and I think that’s normal…our little guy can full body slam a visitor when he gets overexcited. Certainly not the actions of a low-key personality.
Most importantly, nobody picked the word lazy. Cockapoos are simply not lazy animals. They are active, intelligent, need exercise and play, and love a challenge. They have energy, but are not necessarily always hyperactive. They do have calm moments, and the more exercise they get (in our experience), the more calm moments they seem to have.
Of course, our poll only asked for the word that MOST describes your dog…I’m sure everyone can apply more than one trait to their animal. Still, it was a fun and somewhat revealing question.

The Fetching Poll
Our cockapoo doesn’t play fetch very well. He loves chasing the ball, but returning it to us is another story. We wanted to know what your experience was, so we asked “Does your cockapoo fetch?” 204 of you responded, and here’s what you said:
  • 92 of you (45%) said your cockapoo “fetches the ball, but doesn’t always give it back.”
  • 73 of you (35%) said “Yes!”
  • 24 of you (11%) said “Yes, but when he brings it back, he wants to fight for it.”
  • 12 of you (5%) said “Not at all.”
  • 3 (1%) of you said “Sometimes, when the mood strikes.”
What do we read from this? Firstly, that cockapoos aren’t always the greatest dogs to play fetch with. They like to hold on to what they have, as 56% of respondents indicated via two slightly different poll responses. It is not a hard and fast rule, though. Over one-third of you have cockapoos that play fetch just fine, which goes to show that every dog is different.
Another thing we learn here is that, like their cocker parents who were bred as hunting dogs, almost all cockapoos love to chase things. Only 5% of you said your cockapoo doesn’t like to play fetch in any way, which indicates that it is not the chasing but the “retrieving” part of the game that is a problem for many cockapoos.¬†Unlike labradors and some others, cockapoos are simply not natural retrievers.
The Dog Ownership Poll
Next up, on May 20th, we asked you how many dogs you owned. We allowed the following choices: None, One, Two, and Three or more. 125 of you responded. Here’s what you told us, with percentages rounded down.
  • 3 (2%) of you said you kept no dogs.
  • 73 (58%) of you have just one dog (and I bet it’s a cockapoo.)
  • 27 (21%) of you own two dogs.
  • 22 (17%) of you go all out…you own three dogs or more.

What did we learn? Well, simply that most cockapoo owners keep a single dog at any given time. 58% of you, a decent majority. Considering how much attention this dog can require, how difficult it can be to care for a dog in today’s busy world, and how much love one cockapoo can give, this isn’t a surprise.

What was surprising was how many of you (17%) own three or more dogs. That’s a lot of dogs, and I can only imagine how busy your days must be, and how much loving and licking you must get every day!

The Cockapoo Weight Poll

Cockapoos come in many different sizes. On May 8th we wanted you to tell us how much your cockapoos weighed, and you obliged. Here are the results we got.

  • Under 14 lbs (1 stone) received 32 votes, or 21%.
  • Under 21 lbs (1.5 stone) received 51 votes, or 34%.
  • Under 28 lbs (2 stones) received 38 votes, or 25%.
  • 28 lbs (2 stones) or more received 27 votes, or 18%.

What did we learn? Not much, except that cockapoos definitely come in a lot of different sizes! The most common answer, however, was Under 21 lbs (under 1.5 stone) which is a little lower than I would have guessed. One must take into account that many of the owners may have puppies who are not yet full grown, so this poll was more for fun than for hard facts.