So many people have asked us to write this book. Well, it’s finally here…and it’s FREE.

The Cockapoo Obedience Training Guide provides simple, effective methods for cockapoo owners to accomplish basic obedience training without paying hundreds of dollars on classes, trainers, or special equipment. Teach your dog to Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Heel, Leave It, and Drop It, all without spending a single penny.

The Cockapoo Obedience Training Guide is written by Edward Sweet, the owner and editor of and the author of The Cockapoo Owner’s Handbook, using techniques he has found effective on even the surliest cockapoos. Using the techniques found in this book will help you eliminate or prevent behavioral issues, establish proper order in your “pack”, and foster a closer bond with your pet.

Download The Cockapoo Obedience Training Guide by clicking on its name, or find it on our ebooks page. It is currently available in just one format, EPUB. The file can be read by most e-readers, including the Nook, and several free e-reader programs are available online, including the Firefox Epub Reader, which allows you to read EPUB files in your Firefox browser.

If you can’t download it for any reason, or don’t feel like downloading an e-reader, just go to and you can read it entirely online for free. We will release it in additional formats soon, so if EPUBs aren’t your style, stay tuned!