A lot of people have posted on the Cockapoo Crazy Facebook page, and others have emailed, asking if they can read our books if they don’t have a Kindle or Nook. The answer is definitely YES!

We at Cockapoo Crazy understand that many people are still unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the world of ebooks, and we hope we can help with this post. We know all about the love of hard copies, being avid readers, and we frequent our library. Yet our reading preference has become more digital with each passing year, for several reasons.

We have gone to great lengths to make sure everyone who uses our website can also enjoy our books. How you decide to do that depends on what e-reading experience you prefer. This post will show you how to not only purchase and read our books, but how and why you should consider “getting into” e-reading.

Why e-books?

If you aren’t into e-books, you really are missing out on some great books and deals. The cost of delivery is much lower for the publisher in the e-world, so some books aren’t even available in hard copy these days, and when they are, they are often still far less expensive in e-format. Additionally, authors and publishers at companies like Amazon frequently run giveaways, where their book is free for a number of days. We do this ourselves with some of our older books. Amazon, the world’s largest bookseller, has a Top 100 Free ebooks section, where you can find something new and free to read, every day!

Ebooks have many advantages over regular books that make them ideal for many people. These range from the obvious (no trees need to be cut down to make a paperless book, ebooks take up less space, etc) to the not so obvious. For example, fonts can be resized instantly in ebooks, making them ideal for people with less than perfect vision. Ebooks also allow publishers to do things they couldn’t before, like adding hyperlinks to take you to relevant websites, embed multimedia directly into the book, and not worry about print-costs when writing or putting together the content!

Here is a great list of the advantages of ebooks.

How do I do it?

Great question, and luckily, the answers are quite simple! Let’s run down the options for people who don’t already have a Kindle or Nook.

1) If you are only looking to purchase and read The Complete Cockapoo Owner’s Handbook, and want to read it on your PC or Mac without downloading any software, we have a PDF version available here. Any computer with a free PDF reader program (and the vast majority of computers come bundled with one or several of these) will be able to open this file. Personally, I prefer to use actual e-reader software when reading, but many people like PDFs because they are simple and the software is near-universal.

2) Anybody with access to any of the following – a PC or Mac; an iPad, Windows, or Android tablet; or a smartphone such as an iPhone, Windows phone, or Android phone, can download FREE Kindle reading software for your device here. The best part about this option is that once you have Kindle software for one device, you can add it to your others and have access to your books anywhere and anyway you choose.

For instance, let’s say you normally read ebooks on your PC, so you have the Kindle software for it. But today are out shopping for new dog food, and you remember that there is a whole section of the book on diet. Luckily, you have your smartphone with you, so you quickly download and install the Kindle software for your phone and open your book right in the store to find the right info! That kind of convenient cross-platform, multi-device mobility is one reason we promote our Kindle edition more heavily than other versions.

Happy reading!

I hope this guide has been some help answering your questions about downloading ebooks. You can always find all our current books in all their formats on our EBOOKS page.