We are happy to declare that today, May 1st of 2013, is the first annualCockapoo Day. This is a day when we should all love and treasure our cockapoos just a little bit more, remember what they mean to us, share their photos and stories on the internet, and honor our cockapoos who have passed on, but who we still hold dear to our hearts and memories.

Jennifer Hermida, an honored and valued member of the Cockapoo Crazy community, came up with this concept, and it should be no surprise that people¬†love it!¬†Even now, owners are sharing photos and stories of their pups on our Facebook page, and talking about what special thing they’ll be doing for their pup today!

Stop by, or if you aren’t on Facebook, share your cockapoo’s story on our site. Above all, love your dog and do something special for him today! Buy a new toy, go for an extra-long walk, take him to his favorite spot to run and play, give him a treat…you know your dog and what he loves. Make him feel extra-special today!