Today, we’ll examine the following questions: Do cockapoos make good pets for apartments, condos, or small houses? Will they be satisfied with the amount of space available in a small home? Can they get enough exercise without a good sized yard?

These are good questions when thinking about getting any dog. When you are thinking about adopting or purchasing a cockapoo puppy or adult as a pet, these questions may seem easy to answer. Cockapoos are small (usually no more than 35 pounds, at largest) and many people think that small dogs can live anywhere. While that is mostly true of cockapoos, there are a few things to remember to assure that your pooch has a happy and fulfilling life, if living in a small space.

Cockapoos are very intelligent and therefore need good training to keep from getting bored. A bored cockapoo can be destructive, and anyone who works outside the home knows that there may be times when your cockapoo is left home. You will want to train your cockapoo in basic obedience so that he learns his place on the pack and recognizes that the things in your home are important to your family. If your dog respects you, he will more often respect your things, too. Another thing to relieve boredom is to have something that your dog can chew on. Make sure it is large and sturdy enough that he won’t get big chunks off, since this could cause a choking hazard. Nylabone has many good items to choose from.

Cockapoos are very active dogs and need adequate exercise to maintain their weight and get their energy out. They should get a good walk from their human companion daily, whenever possible. A thirty minute walk once daily or two fifteen minute walks during the day are a good minimum. Many cockapoos also love water so in warmer weather, you can take your pooch for some water play or swimming.  If you can’t walk your cockapoo every day, try to do some good playtime in a park or the grounds of your complex. If worst comes to worst, you can always just chase your little fur baby around the house. They are very playful and fun-loving, so most cockapoos love to play “chase” or “keep away.”

Cockapoos are loving and affectionate and many of them will benefit from the companionship of other pets. They tend to adapt easily to new changes in their home, so after a time of monitored behavior and proper introductions, you may trust a cockapoo with your cat, other dogs, birds, and children. This is not to say that cockapoos are perfect. If you have noticed any food or toy aggression from your cockapoo, be sure to keep a close eye when initially introducing them to new people or pets. In most cases, they will adapt well and accept new things in their environment, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

If you want to get your dog used to other dogs and people, you can try an off leash dog park for play. This will fulfill the companionship need as well as some of the exercise requirement. Just keep in mind that sometimes dog parks can be overwhelming for any dog, including your friendly and fun loving cockapoo. If he seems stressed, take your pooch for a walk on your own. This will help get back the focus on relaxing exercise.

So, in answer to the question, “Can cockapoos thrive in small homes?”, we here at Cockapoo Crazy would tell you “Yes.” They can adapt well to most environments, as long as you keep them healthy and well exercised!

If you have any questions about cockapoos that aren’t answered here or in our e-book, just stop by the Cockapoo Crazy Facebook community and ask away!