It’s the holiday season!

We here at Cockapoo Crazy know that the holidays are a busy time for all. We hope you are all having a fun and safe season. It is getting down to those last few shopping days and we know people may be going to parties and exchanging gifts, so we wanted to get some ideas out there for dog lovers. Here are a few great gift ideas for dog lovers and their dogs.

Dog treat gifts:

The Sunbeam Pets Dog Treat Maker makes bone-shaped dog treats in the fashion of one of the new baby-cakes machines. It comes with healthy treat recipes and makes four treats at a time, in just a few minutes. The cost is around $30.00 and it works a lot like a waffle maker. This product is fairly new, but the reviews so far look very good.

The You Bake ’em Dog Biscuits Kit is another treat making kit for a little bit less. It comes with a book full of treat recipe ideas and has cookie cutters in doggie shapes included. You can buy this for around under 20 dollars, and they will wrap it for you and send it right to your favorite dog lover’s door.

If you just want to buy some treats to give the dog right out of the bag, here are two of our favorites. The Vitakraft Yogurt Drops or Peanut Drops are small, soft treats that dogs really like. They can be used for training or you can give a few as a special treat during the day. They taste fine to humans, and are fairly natural ingredients. Yes, I have tried these treats myself. Not my first choice for a snack, but at least I know they are safe and tasty. Another idea is a tooth care treat. Greenies makes a good breath freshening treat that most dogs seem to like. It’s a double whammy because it freshens breath and helps clean the teeth.

For readers:

The Dangerous Book for Dogs is a parody of the book of the same name for boys. It is a fun filled hard cover book written by dogs for dogs, or at least with their help. You can buy it for around $17.00 and give it to your reader friend, or for yourself. If you know a cat lover, there is also the devious book for cats.

The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs is a recently released and very popular, collection of dog stories from different articles published in the New Yorker magazine over the years. It is illustrated with many beautiful pictures and is a great keepsake gift for dog lovers everywhere. It is around $25.00 and you can get it in book stores or from Amazon in hard cover.

For the dog:

Toys are always a good gift for dogs and we like to give our dog ways to strengthen his mind. We are recommending the ethical Pet Seek-A-Treat shuffle bone dog puzzle. You can hide your pup’s favorite treat in different compartments and he uses his nose to sniff out and find where the treat is. It is fun and educational for your dog.

Chew toys are another great idea because it gives your dog an outlet for its excitement, when needing to calm down and reduce stress. Nylabone makes many different choices of chew bone that may not be entirely indestructible, but they do last a very long time in our home. They are good for satisfying the dogs chewing and we have not had any shoes ruined in our home because of Nylabone!

For fun:

Dog-Opoly is a board game released by Milton Bradley in the monopoly game series. The properties are based on different dog breeds and the pieces are all dog themed. The game has an educational aspect also, because the property cards have different breed information on them. This game can be bought online, in games stores in malls, or if you have a board game store near you it might be there. There is also a Puppy-Opoly.

Bungalow printed floor mats are non skid and machine washable. They can be used as door mats or under your dogs food bowl. They come in many breeds or you can get mats that have woof prints or many dogs all over.

From coffee cups to socks, and from t-shirts for you and your dog to cockapoo bumper stickers, there are many gifts that any dog lover would like and enjoy. One thing is for sure, in this world we love our dogs, and they love us!