It is an unfortunate truth that as people age, they often have fewer of their old friends and companions around them. They may begin to feel lonely, depressed, or isolated. In such situations, many consider what they could do to cheer up and bring a positive influence into their lives. The family of a senior person or the person themselves may well think about getting a dog.

Well, we feel that a cockapoo is a great choice. Here’s why:
1) Adaptability: A cockapoo is small and adapts well to living situations. They have a generally laid back disposition and cockapoos can be trained fairly quickly. With the right diet, a cockapoo can also get by with less outdoor exercise than many dogs, and the amount they need is small enough to encourage a senior owner to get out for their own exercise daily without much strain. This may help keep both the pup and owner healthy and unstressed.
2) Low Shedding: Cockapoos are generally very low-shedding. In fact, most cockapoos barely shed at all. They have hair instead of fur, and very little of that hair will come off a cockapoo between grooms. This can also encourage the companionship that comes from brushing the pet to keep him clean and unmatted between grooming. The senior owner will also get the added benefit of a day out when taking their pooch out to a groomer, or a friendly chat if they hire someone to come by their home to groom the cockapoo.
3) Companionship: Cockapoos are very intelligent and loving. They will aim to please in all areas of training and learn remarkably fast. They are quick to wag a tail and happy to be around everyone. Although cockapoos come in different sizes, with some looking you can find a successful match for your elderly friend or family member and bring great joy to the life of the dog and the new owner.

It has been researched and found that people who own dogs are healthier and suffer less from depression and loneliness. This is probably not only due to having the dog around when they are otherwise alone, but also to the fact that having a dog will encourage companionship with other dog owners and get a senior person out of the house daily.

As with any dog adoption or purchase, please be sure to assess the pros and cons of the relationship for the senior person. If the money to care for the dog will be a strain, you will have to make sure a family member or friend can assist or look for shelters and animal care assistance in the area to assist with cost. Anyone who can not afford to take care of their pet really should not get one.
A plan should be made in case the senior needs to move to a assisted living facility or spend any length of time in the hospital. If the family or friends who purchase the pet or assist in getting it will not take the cockapoo in the case that the owner can no longer care for it, be sure you know of someone who will.
Other popular dog breeds for senior citizens include shih-tzus, pembroke welsh corgis, pugs, chihuahuas, and of course poodles or cocker spaniels. Always assess the health and ability of the elderly person looking to adopt and you can make the choice of whether to get a puppy or older dog from a shelter. The benefits for adopting older dogs include that they will most likely already be trained and are often less hyper. When going to a shelter in your area, a pet care specialist can help you choose the right companion animal for a senior owner.