A while back we were browsing the archive.org website, and we found a great book in the public domain. Tales of Little Dogs was published in 1921 with writing by Carrie-Jacobs Bond and cute illustrations by Katherine Sturges Dodge. At that time, we posted our favorite poem from the book, called “He Hopes To Return.” The whole book is undeniably cute, free, and full of great stuff for kids and adults alike.

I wanted to share another poem and a few more illustrations. This is one of my favorite poems in the book. Please enjoy it, and let it be another reminder that there are many homeless “alley” dogs in need of rescuing…some of them are even cockapoos!


The dogs who have a lot of things
Sniff past me every day.
And, oh, I am so lonesome
‘Cause I dearly love to play.

Sometimes I see a little dog
I think might care for me.
And I run up and say, “Hello,”
All friendly-like, you see.

But he looks at my ragged coat,
All faded out and gray,
And simply tosses up his head
And gaily runs away.

For I live in the alley,
Or any place at all.
And he’s all slick and splendid,
While I’m all dirt and small.

Yet, I know inside me,
My heart is clean and true.
If you were just an alley dog,
Oh say – what would you do?

Editor’s Note: Please check your local Humane Society or other rescue organization to see how you can help stray dogs. We also post cockapoos that need rescue or adoption on our Facebook page, whenever we hear of them. To download Tales of Little Dogs for free, in almost any format, visit this link.