As the days stay long and hot, you may be left thinking, “What can I give my dog to help keep her cool? Here we have some cold treats, both store bought and homemade, that you may want to try.

A few years ago, a dog ice cream was developed named Frosty Paws. So far, we have not heard of any dog that will pass this up. It comes in a package of four and is sold in your grocer’s freezer. There’s only one flavor and it costs around $5. They have also made a Frosty Paws Bites, which hasn’t been out for long. These are bites size treats you can just toss to your pup for a quick treat. Both of these products should be used in moderation and make sure you watch your dog for any allergic reaction to ingredients whenever giving her a new snack.

There is an organic frozen treat company that sends you the ingredients and a tray with ice cube slots shaped like dog bones. The ingredients come in a variety of flavors, using a recipe that is fully organic. You mix the contents of the packet with water, pour into the ice cube tray, and freeze. These are a great choice and are called Freezy Pups.

An easy make at home treat is to use your own ice cube tray and mix MSG-free, natural chicken broth or beef broth with some water. This will dilute it a bit, but leave some flavor. Pour into the tray and freeze. You can give these to your pooch outside, or put them into his food to make a gravy. A plain ice cube can also be used as a treat for dogs who enjoy chewing on them, but don’t overdo it. One ice cube, or a handful of ice chips, is enough for a quick, cold treat.

One idea some use for keeping their pets cool is to freeze plain ice cubes or a full bowl of water, which is then left out while they are away for the day or their dog is outside. We don’t recommend this method. Remember that any time that a dog drinks too fast, he could develop bloat, and this chance may increase¬†when he has too much ice water. Cockapoos have a history of being one of the breeds prone to bloat.

As we said in our earlier post about treats, dogs can eat certain fruits and vegetables as treats. You can give your dog a small handful of frozen peas, green beans, or carrots. Another good idea is to mash bananas and peanut butter and freeze. A few small slices of banana can be a great treat that your dog would love. Sliced apple works, too. Just make sure not to give your dog the core or seeds, which could make her ill.

A nice, healthy home made frozen treat is to make a sweet potato freeze. Bake a sweet potato until soft and scoop out the inside. Mix up to a pasty consistency with water. Put into ice cube trays and freeze. Give one to two a day for a cool and nutritious treat. This is nutritious and delicious for your cockapoo, as sweet potatoes are one of the ingredients of many quality organic dog foods.

Summer is a great fun time for you and your dog, but hot weather can be hard on your dog. Make sure she has fresh cool water daily and doesn’t spend too much time in the sun or on hot pavement. Be safe and make sure your cockapoo doesn’t eat too much at once in these summer months. Give smaller meals more often instead. Due to drinking more because of heat, your dogs food can swell in her stomach and make her uncomfortable or sick.

Be safe and have fun!