May 20th, 2012: The Diamond Pet Food Recall fiasco seems to be never-ending. According to this very enlightening article by the Christian Science Monitor, the recall has been expanded at least eight times and has grown to involve cat food.

The recalls, which began April 6th, began with possible Salmonella contamination in dog kibble. Both people and pets have been reported ill from eating or otherwise contacting these contaminated food products, and several animals have died.

On April 12th, the FDA began investigating the situation and found multiple violations in the Gaston, SC plant where Diamond manufactures some of their pet products. There are several allegations in the above article, and from other sources, that the company has been negligent not only in the manufacturing process, but in the slow release of information to owners and regulatory agencies.

At this point, we at CockapooCrazy.com can only make one recommendation: stay away from Diamond Pet Foods. We don’t give such advice lightly or easily, but given the nature of the complaints, the handling of the situation, and the ever-growing list of involved foods, it simply isn’t worth the risk to feed your pet these products.

Be vigilant. Check the list HERE frequently to make sure your dog or cat’s food is NOT included.