We came across a great treasure in the archive.org website recently, and we simply MUST share it with you. Tales of Little Dogs, published in 1921 with verses by Carrie-Jacobs Bond and wonderful illustrations by Katherine Sturges Dodge is simply too cute too resist. Due to its age, the work is in the public domain.

I wanted to share this one poem and a few illustrations. This is my favorite poem from the book, and a real tear-jerker. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and that it is a reminder of how many dogs in shelters are waiting for the love of a human family.


They took me from the kennels,
A few short days ago.
And I was disobedient,
As you, perhaps, may know.
But being far away from home,
With all things strange and new,
I could not be my better self.
I wonder now, could you?

I truly tried to be refined,
And very quiet sat,
Until I saw upon the porch
A haughty Persian cat.
And being in a nervous state,
My manners were upset.
I just jumped through the new screen door;

My one thought was to get
A little bit of fluffy duff,
From off that kitten’s ear,
But by that act I quite upset
My chance of home, I fear.

My master said, “If that’s the dog
Of which so much I’ve heard,
He’ll be returned today at once,
Without another word.”

They took me back and put me in
A pen with all the rest.
And left me there and went away,
I had not done my best.

For three long days I did not eat,
And scarcely did I drink.
I loved my new friends very much,
And honestly I think,
That they will come again some day,
As sorry as can be,
And they will look at all the dogs,
And once again take me. 

Editor’s Note: There you have it. For the complete work, visit this page.