Whether you already own a Cockapoo or are thinking of bringing one home, you may want to know all about these amazing pooches. Although this information is sprinkled throughout hundreds of useful articles on our website, we’ve written this short report to allow you to learn five pertinent facts, all about Cockapoos, in one place.

Fact #1: Cockapoos Are Hybrid Dogs.
Cockapoos are what is known in the industry as a “hybrid dog.” It is not a random “mutt” with unknown peerage, rather it is the deliberate crossing of two distinct breeds: the cocker spaniel and the poodle. This is done to get the best of both breeds in one dog: playful, friendly temperament, low-shedding coat, low-allergen count, a square, sturdy build, etc. Like “mutts”, hybrid breeds also help reduce the chances of health issues common to purebreeds. This is known as “hybrid vigor.”

Fact #2: Cockapoos Are Low-Allergen & Low-Shedding. 
No mammal with hair can be considered completely hypo-allergenic. Cockapoos however, stand apart from many dogs, because the amount of hair a normal Cockapoo sheds is extremely minimal. They also have a very low level of dander, due to the qualities found in the parent breeds. Dander is the stuff that causes allergies, making them a great choice for people with a sensitivity to dogs. Each animal is different, so you’ll want to make sure before bringing one home, but you can rest assured that Cockapoos are one of the best dog choices for people with allergies.

Fact #3: Cockapoos Come In Many Different Sizes.
Most Cockapoos are small, having been bred with a small poodle or cocker spaniel, and can weigh anywhere from 6-15 pounds. However, many Cockapoos have been bred with larger parents, and these animals can weigh up to 30 pounds without having an ounce of excess fat on their bodies! When choosing a Cockapoo, ask how large the parents are…was the mother a mini-poodle? Was the father an exceptionally large dog? This can help you determine what size to expect your Cockapoo to grow to.
Fact #4: Cockapoos Have A Longer Life Span Than Most Dog Breeds.
The average life expectancy for a Cockapoo is quite high for a dog, and most will live to see their 13th birthday. It is not unusual for a Cockapoo who is healthy and well-cared for to live 15 or more years! I have heard of Cockapoos living 20 years, an impressive old age for any dog!
Fact #5: Cockapoos Are Highly Intelligent.
Due to the sharp-witted nature of both parent breeds, coupled with the longevity of the Cockapoo (more time to learn) and his natural curiosity, the Cockapoo is one of the smartest dogs in the world. The Intelligence of Dogs is a book on dog intelligence by Stanley Coren, a best-selling author and professor of psychology. In his book, the Poodle is the #2 most intelligent dog in the world. The Cocker Spaniel is #20. Consider that there were hundreds of breeds to rank, that hybrids and mutts were not ranked, and think about how intelligent that means your Cockapoo, who inherited traits from both his Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents, must be!
By the way, the #1 most intelligent dog, according to the list, is the Border Collie.
To learn everything there truly is to know about Cockapoos, consider reading The Complete Cockapoo Owner’s Handbook. It contains over 170 pages of Cockapoo information, facts, and related subjects.