Have you noticed your cockapoo moping around, acting lethargic, less interested in food and water, and not as excitable as usual. There is a chance that your pup may just be depressed.

Perhaps you didn’t even know dogs could suffer from depression. This is something that many pet owners do not realize. So what can cause it?

Many factors can be involved when you see your cockapoo acting down and out-of-sorts. Any number of items, including the health of their owner, losing their companion in the household, and even moving to a new place, can be hard on a pet, just like it is on their human counterparts.

How can you tell if this is the issue? First, do make sure you seek the help of your dogs veterinarian to be certain there are no health problems. After you have ruled out those kinds of possibilities, talk to a good dog trainer or your vet about treatment for your cockapoos depression. There are drugs that can be given to your dog to help with depression, but there are other options that are easier, safer, and less expensive.

One good idea is to simply get out more with your dog, to play or even just walk. Natural activity is good for a pet and can lift their spirits. If there is a daycare at a local groomers or vet office, this could be a good idea also, to get your pup around other canine companions. Finally, taking them to a dog park is always a good introduction to the world, where they can interact and play with both humans and other dogs.