These days there are plenty of choices in the dog shampoo department!

There seem to be almost as many shampoos for dogs as for humans, and many make similar claims, but generally you shouldn’t use your own shampoo to wash your dog. As a matter of fact, some shampoos that are made for people hair could inflame the skin of your dog. There are some exceptions to this, like certain brands of natural soaps, like Dr. Bronner’s, which some swear by for a multitude of purposes (including washing their dogs).

You will learn fast how to best wash your dogs smell off and make his coat shine with some simple and quick research. So here we go.

We often get this question: How can I decide which dog shampoo is best for my cockapoo? First off, concentrate more on the quality of the content instead of the amount, since a bottle of dog shampoo could be sufficient for months. Check the ingredients. Quality dog shampoos contain formulations that moisturize the skin and are generally natural. Make sure you pick a shampoo with an agreeable scent and good reviews!

Many cockapoos tend to have sensitive skin. Make sure that you check the composition of your dog shampoo and look for things that could agitate the skin or cause irritation, such as a heavy scent or strong chemicals (anything with a name you don’t recognize as something natural could qualify here). You can always Google the ingredients. Respect the instructions on the bottle and always prevent shampoo from entering your dogs eyes, even if it is tear-less. Dont forget to dry the ear canals after washing! Take special precautions to keep the shampoo out of the reach of kids and pets.

Dog shampoos are created for washing away the filth and grease, in the same manner as shampoo for people. The main difference is that dog shampoo is often supposed to have a lower pH value that suits canine skin and hair better, as well as a non-tearing composition, because chances are some shampoo will enter the dogs eyes during the bath. Its also better if dog shampoo rinses easily, and should make the dogs coat healthy and shiny. If your only goal is to have a clean puppy, any standard dog shampoo can deliver that. In many cases, dog shampoos are made for normal, dry, and oily skin, so you have a choice for the best shampoo to suit your dogs coat. But we recommend finding a high quality shampoo, and if it works, sticking with it.

There are some shampoos that are made to satisfy specific medical needs. If your dog needs a treatment for some skin condition, chances are there are dog shampoos that work well. Check with your groomer and/or veterinarian for some professional advice. For more serious conditions you can get medicated shampoo on prescription. If the medical condition is less severe, such as easily irritated skin, you can use shampoos that are available at quality pet stores designed to treat irritated skin and leave a clean and shiny coat.

There are many shampoos designed to work against fleas and ticks. These are usually comprised of chemicals or herbs that repel or kill the pests. Most are generally safe for dogs unless they get the chemicals into their eyes or mouth, although we recommend using Google here as well, to avoid any chemicals considered toxic. Only use one type of shampoo or skin application for fleas, and use them sparingly, especially when you first apply them. Some flea substances are known to react to each other and cause problems. Furthermore, follow the instructions on the label of every flea and tick product with caution to make sure that it is suitable for use on depending on the species, age, and weight of your pet. Especially make sure you rinse off all flea and tick product residue so it doesn’t get licked off after the bath.

Many dog shampoos are specifically created to make your dogs coat shine for the dog playground or for canine shows. For bringing out the natural color, color shampoos are made, as well as whitening shampoos for bright white coat. Check the ingredient label and use sparingly the first time or two if you choose this route, and certainly don’t keep using any shampoo that causes your dog discomfort!

As far as recommending particular shampoo brands, at Cockapoo Crazy we are very concerned with using products that are as natural and gentle as possible.We have used several products with success including True Blue and the very natural TropiClean Papaya Plus. We find both work well on our dog’s skin and hair, but to make the best choice about which shampoo is just right for your dog, it is advisable that you check some reviews online and try a few different brands.

Another option is to use a gentle canine conditioner for regular washes, while using a shampoo only when your pup’s coat is very dirty. Conditioner actually works as a gentle shampoo, with lots of moisturizing ingredients. One we like is Cloud Star Conditioner, which is affordable, helps build a luxuriously soft coat, smells great, and lasts a good while. It is also full of natural, herbal ingredients.

In the end, the perfect dog shampoo for your dog is the one that works without a big fuss it keeps your dog clean, shiny, and handsome, without bothering her skin or eyes. If you’ve had luck with a particular brand, make sure to post it below for all our readers!