Skittle Doo came to me from an ad in the paper. Id wanted my own dog for a while, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. In August 2003, my mom called while I was working. She said she had found cockapoo puppies in the paper, and so off we went.

When we arrived at the house, we saw two little females, and one male. I knew immediately I wanted the runt. She was adorable, and so tiny, at 1.4 pounds. My parents first cockapoo was nearly 14 years old, and I could see the wheels turning in my moms brain. She called my dad to make sure it was okay, and ended up bringing home the other female pup, who was all of 2.6 pounds. Their first dog lived another full year, and it was a great year of transition and learning.

I so loved my Skittle Doo. I didn’t realize until later what a good puppy she was. Sure, the accidents were frustrating. But she slept well, had a playpen instead of a kennel, and learned her basic commands pretty easily. She gradually went from her playpen, to her room, to having free reign on the house. Even then, she sat in the office to watch out the front window during the day while I was working.

For their first 6 years, Skittle Doo and her sister Winnipoo spent a lot of time together. I only lived a few miles from my parents, so the girls saw each other often. Then my parents retired and moved away. I’ve been able to visit them and see Winni as well, but Skittle and Winni havent seen each other for nearly 2 years.

In the midst of missing Winni, I came up with the fabulous idea to get a second dog. Skittle had just turned 7, and was still energetic enough to enjoy a playmate. I knew she would initially be a little bent out of shape. She had really had me to herself her whole life! It was then that I learned how easy I had it with Skittle the puppy.

Snickerdoodle came along in July 2010. She was adorable, but full of spunk! She had more energy than I remember any puppy having.  She chewed up anything and everything for the first 10 months, and took pleasure in barking (which also meant she spent a lot of time soaking wet, as she spits when she barks). She was the exact polar opposite of Skittle  So much so that when they turn around, it is opposite directions of each other!

Now Skittle is 8, and still my baby. I cant imagine loving a dog more. But Snickerdoodle has also found a big place in my heart. And over the past year, she has learned a lot from Skittle, as well as keeping Skittle a bit younger at heart. We all love to take long walks, play ball, and most importantly, snuggle. They keep me sane and feeling loved!