Learn everything there is to know about Cockapoos in one comprehensive book!

Dear Cockapoo Owner,
Everyone wants what is best for their dog, but it can be hard to filter all the junk advice from what’s really useful. Not anymore.
Let me explain.
There’s a lot more to having a cockapoo dog than you may have thought. These adorable little dogs have a heart of gold and a world-class mind, but they need a lot of structure, training, care, and love to become the fully contented, loving, and happy pet you want.
Standard dog-training advice is useful to a point, but all dogs have different quirks and idiosyncrasies. It’s easy to find the latest book on training german shepherds or caring for poodles. Unfortunately, there is a surprising lack of informational products written specifically for our beloved cockapoos.
When you think of your current (or future) cockapoo, do you ask yourself these questions?
  • Am I doing everything I can to care for the health of my pup?
  • Do I know everything I need to know about my dog’s temperament and quirks? 
  • How can I improve my relationship with my cockapoo?
These questions and more held great significance for me when I brought home Albi, my first cockapoo. Looking back I am ashamed to admit that I knew very little about dogs back then. Albi was from a pet store, which had probably gotten him from a puppy mill, and the trouble started as soon as I got him home.

Albi was hard to housebreak, whined at night, chewed up clothes, was often sick, and was sometimes aggressive. But how I loved my little buddy! I resolved to fix the issues quick. I took him to obedience school, began reading and researching everything I could on dogs, watched dog training videos and TV shows, and enlisted the help of a trainer.

The most frustrating thing during this time was the lack of information written specifically for cockapoo owners. I looked high and low, but only found a few thin, ridiculously over-priced, and generic books and eBooks written by supposed cockapoo experts. Not knowing any better, I forked over my cash and read them cover to cover (in about 20 minutes) and applied what I learned.
The information was not only sorely lacking, (most of the books were filled with cute but useless photos) much of it was useless or counter-productive. I found that Albi and I were having more problems than ever. Then I realized why: these were generic techniques, written for dogs in general by people who probably didn’t even own a cockapoo, and stuffed into a book with a picture of a cockapoo on the cover.
It didn’t make sense to me. After all, every dog breed is different. The cockapoo, for instance, is an active, lightning-fast, small to medium sized dog with a low-shedding, nearly hypo-allergenic coat. How could the same care and training methods apply to both my cockapoo and an enormous, low-energy, slow-moving, thick-haired Bullmastiff? It couldn’t!
Not to mention the specific health ailments each breed of dog tends to suffer from, the varying levels of intelligence, and the widely differing lifespans. Why was this information so hard to find, when cockapoos are quickly becoming one of the most popular pets in the world?
So I began noting which techniques worked, starting asking other cockapoo owners questions, conversed regularly with my veterinarian and dog trainer, did everything I could to find out what made these little dogs tick!
I’m not going to lie, it was hard work. But three years later my cockapoo and I were finally settled into a harmonious relationship. He knew what I expected of him, and more importantly, I knew what he needed from me. The chewing, whining, accidents, and aggression became a distant memory. Albi the cockapoo had finally been given the proper instruction and care he needed to become the happy, healthy, and well-adjusted dog I always wanted.
But I didn’t stop there. This info needed to be shared. My wife and I created theinternet’s #1 website for cockapoo owners and enthusiasts, full of useful articles and advice, along with a FaceBook fan page where thousands of owners now come together to share insights and ideas in one place, and I have made sure to include many of these ideas in this book.
We put a lot of effort into making this book a substantial source of information (50 chapters, and over 170 pages, with no space-consuming photos) and we believe The Cockapoo Owner’s Handbook 2013 Edition is for you if you own a cockapoo, are thinking of bringing one into your family, or are simply interested in this fantastic little breed.
This is a sampling of what you’ll learn in The Cockapoo Owner’s Handbook:
  • The best way to get great behavior from your cockapoo.
  • Why your cockapoo is scooting his behind across the floor. 
  • What you can do to end separation anxiety.
  • How to socialize an older dog. 
  • The best technique for potty training a cockapoo.
  • Why owning a pet is good for your health. 
  • Which foods are highly toxic to your dog.
  • The easiest way to leash-train your cockapoo. 
  • Which brushes you should (and shouldn’t) use on your cockapoo’s coat.
  • How to safely and easily remove ticks from your dog. 
  • How to help your dog achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Common cockapoo ailments you should watch out for. 
You’ll also find the answers to many vital questions, such as: 
  • Is a cockapoo right for me?
  • How do I choose a healthy puppy? 
  • What should I do if my pet becomes aggressive?
  • Why is my dog jumping on everyone and how do I stop it? 
  • Can I teach my cockapoo and my other pets to get along?
  • What criteria should I use when selecting a breeder? 
  • How do I keep my cockapoo’s eyes and ears clean?
  • Are organic foods better for my pup than regular kibble? 
Get The Cockapoo Owner’s Handbook now and become the owner your cockapoo deserves! It is currently available in three formats, readable on Kindle, Nook, PCs, Macs, iPads, Android Tablets and smartphones, Windows mobile devices, iPhones, and many other mobile devices.
If you decide to purchase this book you will receive exactly what you pay for: a huge amount of useful cockapoo-centric information and advice for owners. This is something you and your cockapoo can really sink your teeth into.