Cockapoos, also known as Cockerpoos in some areas, or Spoodles in Australia, originated in the US and have been a popular mixed-breed or hybrid dog since at least the early 1960’s and possibly earlier. While the AKC does not recognize these robust little dogs as a breed group, some dog clubs are carefully breeding consecutive generations to eventually establish cockapoos as a recognized breed. Meanwhile, cockapoos generally have the advantage of a long life span compared to many purebred species.

The fast-rising popularity of cockapoos should come as no surprise. Even celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, with stars like Ashley Judd proudly strutting down the red carpet with her own cockapoo, Buttermilk. Cockapoos have a lot going for them. They are highly intelligent, agile, vigorous, low-shedding dogs with soft, nearly dander-free hair. They are usually quite healthy, and with an estimated life expectancy of between 13-15 years or more, do not be surprised if your pooch is still alive and well at age 20!
It is not known specifically when or where the very first cockapoo was born, but there are now an array of options available when choosing your dog. Weighing anywhere from 6-25 pounds (3-11 kg) cockapoos are compact dogs suitable for apartments and other somewhat confined living areas, although they still need lots of exercise and activities. The large variation in sizes is due to the differing size categories of poodles that can be used for breeding. Most cockapoos are bred with a standard poodle, will weigh between 20-25 pounds and average 14-15 inches (35-38 cm) in height.
Since the coat color of cockapoos vary like the spaniels and poodles from which they are bred, you will usually be able to choose between a choice of cream, tan, brown, black, white and even an attractive combination of several of these colors. Cockapoo coats can vary from silky smooth to tight curls, although they usually fall somewhere in between.

For more information on Cockapoos, check out The Cockapoo Owner’s Handbook, which is unique in the sheer volume of information it contains pertaining to the Cockapoo hybrid breed.