People who love dogs will have heard about hybrid breeds such as the cockapoo, the result of breeding poodles and spaniels. You cannot help but notice a well-trained cockapoo with its cheerful, confident demeanor. Delightfully affectionate, cockapoos are also extremely intelligent, which makes training a breeze.

In addition, they are very patient and handle boisterous kids with ease. True to their poodle/spaniel origins, cockapoos come in different sizes and various coat color combinations, yet they shed almost no hair.

The key to enhancing the cockapoos positive traits is good training. Before you decide to add a cockapoo to your household, you need to grasp some important training basics to bring out the best in your new pet. We have written a free cockapoo obedience training guide to get you started.

The cockapoos highly intelligent nature has a downsideboredom. When cockapoos are not bred properly or do not begin training at a young age, they can become bored easily. A bored cockapoo may become a hyperactive dog, and choose unusual or destructive ways to have fun. The results could be disastrous. Just because your cockapoo is small does not mean it can’t cause a lot of damage in a fit of boredom!

Cockapoos are often very sensitive, so try not to display negative emotions such as disappointment, anxiety, or distress in your dogs presence. Forget training your cockapoo if youre in a pessimistic mood. Youll get much better results when you have an upbeat encouraging attitude!

All dogs have positive traits, and the cockapoo is certainly no exception! For example, when it comes to house-training, a cockapoo will probably be your easiest canine student ever. All it takes is some basic crate training and within a few weeks your cockapoo pup will know exactly where to do its toilet business.

Enlisting your cockapoo in obedience, agility, or other classes is well worth the effort, as it will yield huge long-term benefits. Cockapoos are energetic, bright, and have a deep love of mastering tricks and solving puzzles. They especially enjoy activities such as obstacle coursework and agility development. Regular social interaction with other people and dogs will also be of benefit to any dog, especially one as intelligent, friendly, and energetic as a cockapoo.

Finally, no advice on guiding and understanding the disposition and temperament of your cockapoo would be complete without stressing the importance of providing a calm home environment for your dog. Like a child, you can’t expect a cockapoo to flourish in a home where arguing and shouting create negative emotions and tension.

In a nutshellif you can control your own emotions, theres a good chance you wont have to worry about your cockapoo misbehaving!

For even more information on cockapoos, please check out The Cockapoo Owner’s Handbook. It comes in three different formats for e-readers and computers, and contains 170 pages of great tips, “how-to” chapters, and expert information for cockapoo enthusiasts.