Every dog owner likes to have a repertoire of tricks which his dog can display to impress friends, family and fellow dog owners. Although it requires some time and practice, teaching your cockapoo to spin around himself is a fairly straight forward lesson, which can demonstrate just how obedient your pet can be.

Before teaching your dog how to spin, he must first be familiar with the commands to “sit” and to “stay”. Have your dog sit before you, and stay awaiting your next instruction. Have a treat in your hand and use it to attract your dog’s attention. Bring the treat down to the level of your dog’s nose, but do not allow him to take it from you. The treat is to be used to direct your dog’s movement.

Verbally reinforce your command to “spin” whilst at the same time make a circular motion with the treat. The circle you make should be tight so that your dog is almost pivoting on his back legs and not moving them a great deal.

Practice this step of the lesson, using the treat as a guide and praise your dog for a “good spin” when he does what you ask of him. Remember also to give him the treat which he has worked hard for.

Move on to the next stage of the lesson by bringing the treat up to your waist level, rather than down at your dog’s nose level. Tell your dog to “spin”, and make a smaller circular motion using the treat as a guide, but do not make it quite so deliberate as previously.

In time and with practice your dog should be able to perform this trick simply on your verbal command to “spin”, without the need for a treat to guide him or even your hand to indicate a circular motion. Remember that patience is needed to reach such obedience, so do not rush your dog. Reward your dog with verbal praise and with treats as he progresses, and do not hesitate to return to an earlier step if the lesson does not seem to be going as well as you had hoped.